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TransferWise Bot for Facebook Messenger Interaction

TransferWise Bot for Facebook Messenger Interaction

Making international payments can be a confusing and stressful thing. It’s hard to figure out what the fees from banks should be, and how to get the best deal and send money the fastest way. TransferWise is hoping to change that with an online service that is easy to use. This leading fintech company wants to make sending money as easy as sending a message.

The company has launched a new Facebook Messenger chat bot that will allow users to transfer money to friends and family by just using Facebook messenger. TransferWise customers can simply open a message and send cash quickly and seamlessly. They can even set up rate alerts and send money when it’s worth a certain amount – all without even having to leave Facebook Messenger.

Guided Money Transfers Online

bot-will-guide-youUsing this bot, it is possible to set up money transfers between Canada, Australia, the UK, the US And Europe. You will be guided through every step of the transfer process with help from the bot if you get stuck.

Save Money With Rate Alerts

If you regularly send money between two different currencies, the bot will send you alerts each morning with the current rates so that you can decide whether or not today is a good day to change your money over. Once you’ve decided that now is a good time, you can just tell the bot – in the chat – to make the transfer now. No navigating to websites, no stress, no hassle, just make the transfer from inside the chat.

A Simple API

TransferWise Bot was built using the TransferWise API and it is a great example of how you can make payments seamlessly. There are 600 global currency routes in the app, and the company hopes that it will be able to use other platforms soon as well. Every month, £800 million of trades are done using TransferWise, with customers including commercial banks and businesses as well as smaller owners, so you know that you can trust the company to handle your currency safely and fairly at all times. It’s easy to send money abroad.


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