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How HiFX UK can save money for small home based businesses

How HiFX UK can save money for small home based businesses

There is a regular transfer of funds across the globe. A major chunk of this transfer is made to facilitate business activities. While large multinational corporations have immense experience and resources to manage and transfer foreign currency, small business owners find it extremely difficult to transfer funds because of inadequate experience and little knowledge about foreign exchange transfers and risks associated with it.

There is continuous movement in the foreign currencies and their exchange rates due to macro-economic activities. Informed decisions can help small home based businesses to save money and warn in case of any adverse market speculations. Hence it is advisable for small home based businesses to engage specialists while it comes to currency conversion or transfer of funds to some other country.

save money HiFX is a prominent foreign exchange broker based in UK. It is a specialist in international money transfers and is well known for its highly competitive exchange rates offering its services to both individuals and businesses. So whether it’s for purchasing a property overseas, making a payment to suppliers or else, HiFX UK provides you transparent and secure money transfers at competitive exchange rates compared to banks and other institutions providing similar services.

The company offers three services for handling your international money transfers: online transfers, telephone transfers and regular transfers. HiFX online money transfers provide you a quick and easy way to convert and transfer your money overseas.


How you can save money with HiFX UK

HiFX online allows businesses to convert and transfer money ranging between £50- £300,000 and support 19 popular currencies. The company charges no commission for conversion of money from one currency to other and also no transfer fees provided the transfer amount is £3,000 or above. If the transfer amount is below £3,000 a fees of £9 will be charged.

online money transfers

HiFX online money transfers, how does it work?

The process of transferring money online using HiFX UK is quite easy. It involves:

  1. Sign Up: The remitter needs to sign up for the transfer of money on the company’s website.
  1. Get a quote: You need to feed the details of currency you need to convert, the desired currency to which it is to be converted and the amount to be transferred. This will fetch you the live exchange rates updating continuously with the market movement.
  2. Feed the beneficiary’s detail: You need to feed the details of the beneficiary or else you could choose from a library of regular recipients.
  1. Send the funds to HiFX: You could transfer the funds to HiFX using avaible payment options. You can pay using wide range of debit and credit cards (providing that the card is in your name and registered to a UK address) or you can pay via electronic transfer from an account in your name.
  1. HiFX pay’s to the beneficiary: Upon receiving the funds, HiFX will transfer the funds to the beneficiary on a pre-agreed date.
  1. Track payments: You could track the payments made by you anytime using the company’s online is secure

    Your money is secure with HiFX

HiFX is FCA authorized company registered with HMRC. Further it uses Norton security which is also used by 97 percent of world’s top 100 banks, which makes your online transactions fully protected.

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